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Wow. It's been an interesting last two weeks of school. I don't care to recall all of the events, though I will say that I'm glad it's almost over. I officially have four more exams, not including our "dance" exam, in which we will be critiquing our recital pieces--entirely pointless, if I do say so myself. Tomorrow, however, I have English and Bible and Thursday (my birthday), I have Geometry and World History. What fun! Although, the happy thing is, I won't have any exams to study for on the evening of my birthday. In fact, a bunch of us are going to the beach after school, so I'm really looking forward to that.

I don't have anything of substance to talk about. Rachel and I had our party on Saturday which was a blast, though I was sad more people couldn't be involved. But, moving on, we swam for a little while, then ate some really good dinner, then we went boating and tubing (the Townsend's brought their boat and we brought ours), so that was very fun. And the sunset. Wow. The sunset was simply phenomenal. Such evidence of God's creativity and beauty. Then we came back and ate cake and opened presents. I have to say, not to offend anyone or anything, but Josh and Brad's present was the greatest. Truly. I loved everyone's gifts, but...a poem? By Brad Talbert and Josh Thompson? That's priceless. Maybe I'll post it later if I'm feeling generous.

Because I'm in a listing mood, and I'm a bit ... excited and stressed out about all of my upcoming events ... I'm going to post them for you:
  • May 18: New York meeting, including What Not to Wear!
  • May 19: The beach with school peeps, and my birthday
  • May 20: The last day of school (unless you are one of those unfortunate people who is actually going to school on Monday)
  • May 21: Providence Graduation :cries: followed by Lindsay's graduation party to which I am not invited, but will be watching my little brothers during such
  • May 22: Michael Kelly's graduation party to which I am invited and quite looking foward to (if not for particular reasons that I'm leaving unsaid to the world wide web, then for the simple reason that Jenna will be there and I will get to see her one last time [and get her to sign my year book] before she goes away to Tennessee. Sniff)
  • May 23: The real last day of school, which I am not planning on being a part of. There's something else happening on this day, but I can't seem to think of what that is.
  • Sometime next week: Going to the orthodontist to set my final appointment at which I will be getting my braces off forever and scheduling my jaw surgery for 2 some odd years from now and also going to my dress alteration appointment to get my massive size 2 maid of honor dress altered since it's 5 miles too long and 2 miles too wide. Heavens.
  • June 2: Rascal Flatts concert. Which I can't go to. :tear: I'm sure Amye and her posse will have a wonderful time though. :)
  • June 4: Jason Kelly's birthday party. Mmpah. No further comment.
  • June 6: I'm leaving for New York City with my grandmother and the Village Dance troops. Miss Karen's baby is coming too, which I'm very excited about. Not that I'll have time to spend with him, or even the opporunity to hold him since I'm sure Miss Van and Jennifer will be hogging him the whole time, but still. I love babies. And, Joan and I are going to try to see each other, if she can somehow hop into our crazy plans without disrupting anyone. Haha. We'll just keep it on the down low. ;) Joan's not tall or anything. Hehe.
  • June 12: I return from New York. How sad.
  • June 13 and 14: I am volunteering at St. Johns' VBS. I'm really excited about this. I love kids, and I love helping out with things like this. Children make me happy.
  • June 15: I leave for South Carolina with my mom to prepare for Ashley's wedding! I'm very excited about this trip, because, not only am I going to be the maid of honor in my cousin's wedding (the last time I was in a wedding was when I was like 5, and I was a flower girl) but also because her fiance has the coolest little brother. He's 14 (maybe 15 now) and he's just awesome. You know, he's got those southern hospitality manners, and we can have conversations as if we've known each other forever. And his mom! She's precious as well. I really love Cliff's family. The southerners you know. They're just neat people. ALSO on this day, Annie Pajcic's fourth baby is due. AAH. I'm thrilled. I hope it's another girl. Hehe. Curry needs to be the only boy. It will help keep him schweet.
  • June 17: Bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner. :)
  • June 18: Ashley and Cliff are getting married!
  • June 19: I return from South Carolina while the Sauls head off to their honeymoon!
  • June 23: I officially go back to South Carolina with Providence Competition Team for Encore Nationals. This, my friends, is going to be a BLAST. I'm thoroughly excited.
  • June 26: we come home from SC. And I finally get to rest. Although, sometime after this, Katie and I are taking driver's ed. together with some private guy. Hm. Fun.
  • July 14: I get my license. Or, it will be my one-year-of-having-my-permit day. Whether or not I actually get my license, I cannot say.
  • July 17: FITS! AAAAH. I'm SO excited about this. I may even be more excited about Fun in the Son than I am about New York. Simply because I am so anxious for that awesome spiritual waterfall, and I have a feeling NYC won't exactly give that to me. Woosh. FITS is going to be amazing. David Crowder band! :gah: :falls over from excitement:
  • July 21: come home from FITS. :cries: Also, Katie's birthday. Max's is the previous day.

So, this is all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more. :spazz: Yes, my life is insane. I'm not even sure there's time to breathe! Well, it's better to be busy than bored. Although, I certainly hope there is time in here for me to read. Because, Lord knows, I have a lot to do in that particular area. Required and unrequired summer reading lists. I'm thinking I'll start with the latter. ;)

Have a beautiful week (hopefully last week of school) everyone!

God bless,

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Victoria Leigh said...

First off, i'd like to start by saying that poem was the funniest thing ive heard in a long, long time. My favorite line: "you're the apple of my pie." HA!

Yay! you get to go to SC TWICE this summer. wow. you're special. i'll probably be going twice. Either that or staying the whole month of July (which is just as, if not more, likely to happen). *sigh* my mom schedueled june 13 as a consultation and xray day for my wisdom teeth thing. joy. my summer is so busy i probably wont even have time to get my lisence until october! that sucks!

anyway this is getting long, ive got to cut it short. i hope you have some time to schedual for fun! lol im sure you'll have a blast. im soooo jealous about the new york thing. the last time i went i was like 6, so i dont remember much. hope you have lots and lots of laughs and good times!!!

oh and
HAPPY SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!