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Flipping through the most recent Reader's Digest, I found an article that might be pertinent to those of us eerily close to embarking on our college-bound journey. It's a "vocabulary quiz" if you will, though I'm sure most of my fellow Providence students will be shocked to find how many of these they know, thanks to a particular English teacher. I got 14 out of 16 correct, even having to guess on a few (it helps to pay close attention to the type of speech the words are in) . Post your answers in the comment box (no cheating!), and I will post the correct answers at a later date. :) Enjoy!

"With the SAT just revised to add more reading and writing, those taking the college entrance exam have many new study aids to pick from. We like The Intuitive Learning Co.'s vocabularly shower curtain (tilcoweb.com), the basis for our quiz. So lather up..."

1. enhance (v.) A: to weaken. B: improve. C: undergo, as in hardship. D: sign up for.

2. antagonist (n.) A: murder victim. B: ancestor. C: scientist. D: opponent.

3. diligent (adj.) A: very careful. B: excessively late. C: harmful. D: unprepared.

4. scrutinize (v.) A: to examine closely. B: ignore completely. C: consider skeptically. D: view casually.

5. procrastinate (v.) A: to produce offspring. B: show interest in. C: delay. D: dissappear.

6. disdain (v.) A: to throw away. B: to regard with scorn. C: humiliate. D: disappoint.

7. spurious (adj.) A: authentic. B: reluctant. C: false. D: casting blame on others.

8. empathy (n.) A: pity. B: identification with others' feelings. C: strength. D: mixture.

9. venerable (adj.) A: green. B: stripped bare. C: corrupt. D: resepected because of age.

10. querulous (adj.) A: constantly complaining. B: curious. C: cooperative. D: compact.

11. florid (adj.) A: smelling of flowers. B: bright, as a light. C: ruddy. D: cheap.

12. impute (v.) A: to calculate. B: to pierce with a sharp object. C: attack as false. D: attribute to.

13. evanescent (adj.) A: mild, as with weather. B: brightly lit. C: religious in nature. D: short-lived.

14. superfluous (adj.) A: extra. B: overly proud. C: heavely. D: believing in the supernatural.

15. sagacity (n.) A: history of a city. B: courage. C: wisdom. D: ignorance.

16. perfidious (adj.) A: marked by foul odor. B: treacherous. C: wandering. D: routine, mechanical.

I enjoyed this little sidetrack. I'm sure y'all will think I'm a nerd. :p

Graduation is this afternoon, at 3. I'll be sure to not wear mascara! :tear: Jenna's very nervous about making her speech, and thus I am nervous for her. But, she's good at things like that (it's too bad she can't sing it...). AH, I'm going to miss her a lot. And Heather. And Jessica. And Jacob. And Michael (sorry, I wish I had time to make you more cookies!). I can't believe they're all leaving!! And next year it will be my brother, Jeri, Austin--everyone!! How disheartening.

God bless,

Aren't you guys impressed with my terribly frequent updates? I just have so much to say. ^_^


Victoria Leigh said...

ok youre on!!!
16.)a (but i think it might be d...im not sure)

man that was hard!! i really wanted to look some up!!! man. some were very ify. i felt so pressured. lol

Victoria Leigh said...

dangit! i went back and looked all the words up (cause im just a loser like that. ) and i missed a lot! like 6 or something! i hate this kinda stuff! it makes me feel so stupid! why do you do this to me leslie???? lol

victoria leigh said...

*sigh* well i see that i was the only one BRAVE enough (or perhaps nerdy enough) to try this!!! come on you chickens! get to it!!!! step up!

Anonymous said...

well... i know im gonna get like all these stupid words wrong. but here goes..
1. b
2. d
3. a
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. d
8. a
9. c


Anonymous said...

Forget Mrs. John doe,
Try Homeschooling kids.....
can you say 16 outta 16

Leslie Virginia said...

Victoria: You get an A! For effort...:-p

Emily: ditto. ;)

Tim (I'm assuming?): I don't get it (Mrs. John Doe)? And, how am I supposed to believe that you got 16 out of 16 if you didn't post your answers? People, people, follow instructions!

Tim said...

SHWOAH! since when does "Tim" comment on this here blog? actually I's dropping by to glance into your boring life of proper grammer and SAT prep vocabulary. and I see my name in an ever so odd comment of...well YOU! ha, and what's your hubbys name? I'd like to meet the fellow.

Leslie Virginia said...

Well, I figured it was either you or Jon...had to pick one.

My hubby's name? Well, when you find out who my hubby is, would you kindly inform me? :blink: