'i cannot say i lov'd, for who can say hee was kill'd yesterday?'

School's cutest couples (as decided by Me):

Emily and her darling Danish.

  • Emily and Dane (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • JuliAnne and Michael (Junior/Senior)
  • Kalynn and Richard (Junior/Junior)
  • Lauren and Brandon (Junior/Sophomore)
  • Lauren and Chris (Junior/Junior)
  • Karlie and David (Freshman/Freshman)
  • Mrs. Sylvia and Paul (Erm. Teacher/Husband)

Mrs. Sylvia and her precious Paul

School's cutest should-be couples (if circumstances were different):

  • Victoria and Mark (Sophomore/Senior) ^_^
  • Emily and Spencer (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Rachel and Josh (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Jesse and Joel (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Kelly and Bryson (Freshman/Sophomore)
  • Austin and Milu (Junior/Junior) HAHA!
  • Katie and Neil (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Katie and Spencer (Junior/Junior)
  • Erin and Phillip (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Tiffany and Perry (Sophomore/Sophomore)
  • Emily and Jimmy (Sophomore/Sophomore)

Katie and Neil (Adorable!)

School's cutest used-to-be couples:

  • Magan and Trey (Senior/Senior)
  • Caitlyn and Eric (Junior/Junior)
  • Sarah and Chris (Junior/Senior)
  • Megan and Coats (Junior/Sophomore)
  • Katie and Tommy (Junior/2004 Graduate)

So, I was feeling kind of bored and decided that I needed a distraction from studying. This is what happens when my mind gets restless. Haha. I almost went for the "weirdest couples" and "weirdest what-if couples" lists, but I opted out, figuring it would be best not to offend anyone. I'm sure most of you can formulate these lists in your heads, though. Let's think back to those early 7:30 mornings in the car, with nothing to look at but untinted windows...Oh brother. Let me know what you guys think of these lists though, and feel free to comment and add your own. There's just one rule: You are not allowed to "place" me with anyone. ;) Such things do not need to be done in my own personal space. Ha.

Well, I'm off to study for my last two exams of tenth grade. Nothing like Geometry and History! Joy. And tomorrow is my birthday. Eee. :) We're all going to the beach after school which is extremely exciting. I just hope it doesn't rain! :gah:

Have a wonderful end of the week everyone!

God bless,


Anonymous said...

hahaha nice.

and dont think i didnt notice the alliteration on the subtitles for the pictures!!! because i did!!!!

ps- yes, i MEANT to put anonymous as my name!

Leslie Virginia said...

PSH! That alliteration was completely inadvertent. I actually had to go back and see what you were talking about.

Haha. Perhaps I should expose your anonymity to the World Wide Web? :-p Tehehe.

Oh wait. I just realized something. You were talking about the picture subtitles! Aha. Yes, that was on purpose. ^_^ I simply couldn't help myself!

Much love to you my initial reciprocal. ;)

Anonymous said...

ooo ooo oo!!!
i have a GOOD one for you!!!!

but i wont say lol

i think my life is fullfilled that i made it to your cutest couples list lol. :) even if the picture is bad haha

Anonymous said...

pitman... what can i say... who knows where to begin.. all i can say is that u know the situation.. i am sick of defending my "non liking him status" to EVERYONE (especially since the tubing incedent)... i just thought back to the chicago convo... leslie: i just want you to become really good friends. rachel : we are really good friends. leslie: but u dont do anything together.rachel :well what do u want me to do? invite him and his GIRLFRIEND to the movies? lol anyways... i like the list.. it was good to think about.... stimmy

Leigh said...

nice usage of a "Donne" quote.

i think im going to have to suspend you from using some of his stuff for a while. hehe.

Leslie Virginia said...

E.Wall: Yeah. Some things are better left unsaid. ;) And that picture is not bad!!

Rach: Sorry. I knew you would kill me. But I simply couldn't help myself! I mean, I can just see it. That's all. I know you don't like him. And you don't have to defend yourself. But, the fact that you guys would look cute together still remains. ^_^

Initial stealer: Please don't. Then I'd be forced to resort to You-know-who, and that is simply unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

hahaha no no no. we wouldnt want you to resort to....dare i say his name?....SHAKESPEARE. *gasp* highly unacceptable. well then, continue i suppose. as you were.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha All of those are soo cute! I really dont understand why you think neil and i would be cute together but still everything was adorable ...especially austin and milu ;-) i have a good one for you.......:-D Katie

Leslie Virginia said...

You: As you like it. :gah:

Katie: You and Neil; actually, I don't either. I just do. Hehe. And, I forgot to put Bethany and Logan! Darn his stupid girlfriend. :p

Tim said...

Wow, I cannot believe I'm actually commenting on here, :p, but I can't help myself. *clears throat* gaaaaaarrrrrrbaaaaaaaage. haha


your mom said...

Jimmy aint gettin nuttin from me until he sobers up! lolol...sike

Leslie Virginia said...

HA! Woooah, Em. So, what happens when he does sober up? :-p

Anonymous said...

grrr...you suck

Erin said...

wow Leslie I haven't looked at your page in forever but very interesting . . . love ya anyways!

Anonymous said...

hey! i know u can "just see it" and i can most definately "just see" a few things for u little missy. props to us for having the original "said persons" haha ( kinda random but i just had to say it)

Leslie Virginia said...

Erin: haha. I know, I know. :-p

Rach: Well, sheesh. I would be lying if I said I could "just see" a few things for myself, as well. haha. And yes, props to our "said persons" originality. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty sad.....is thats wat schools about couples!?!

I hope tim can handle it..

Jonny boi