life, lauren and cars

I have a car.

I still don't believe it. Maybe that has to do with the fact that it's still in Texas waiting for me. But, no matter. My dad and I are flying to Houston tomorrow and driving it back home. Hopefully we'll get the few random things fixed that need to be dealt with (rubber on windshield wipers needs to be replaced, stereo needs to be repaired--which, yes, means we have to drive the whole way back from Houston without music. I think we're going to utilize that laptop in that regard.) as soon as possible so it will be all ready to call itself mine. :-p

Anyway, I'm sure you all aren't nearly as surprised about the car as I am, so I will reluctantly move on. Haha.

Last night, I went to Murray Hill to see little Lauren play and sing in the cafe (and to avoid, at all costs, swing dancing, though I was unsuccessful). She did SO wonderfully, and I told her she must go and record a CD at Doug's so I can hear her anytime I want. :)

She's playing again at the next swing night, October 21st, and probably November 4th as well. Also, she'll be at the Starbucks on Beach Blvd (I think?) on November 11 and December 1 (?). Go and see her. She's amazing.

Hope everyone is doing well. I've been stressed, as you all know...but God is revealing His goodness to me everyday and I am so thankful for Him. I cannot imagine how hard life would be if God was not Lord over it.

God bless,