tell me what you thought about when you were gone

So, wow.

I haven't written anything in a long while. Too long of a while.

I guess I haven't had the motivation or the inspiration.

There really hasn't been much to write about.

I could write about my busy life, but honestly, I'm sure we're all too busy to read about that.

I could write about my Bahamas trip, but it'd be easier to just send you to the pictures.

I could write about my best friend, Tori, but that would take way too long.

I could write about the newly Significant Other in my life, but I'd prefer just talking to you about it [him] rather than attempting to make sense of it in words.

I could write about how much I loathe summer reading, but somehow I think I'd simply be repeating what all of us have already said to each other.

Basically, there is too much to write about to write at all. If that even makes sense.

Hope you are all enjoying your last moments of summer. Feel free to call me and catch up if we haven't done so in a while; I haven't forgotten you, just been focused on other things.

God bless,