it's leslie with an S.

An Ode to Lezlie
By Josh Thompson and Brad Talbert

Lezlie, Lezlie, quite contrary
You walk around like a fairy
The fragrance in your hair
It's so ambrosial and so fair
You and me* go together like the sun,
And a dry desert
You are like the apple of my pie
And the star in my sky
I cannot help but chasing [you]
If you keep refusing [me]
There are many others for your choosing
Like Spencer, Dane, and Jason Kelly
I know you love me though you rarely
Rarely let me believe
On this I conclude my love for you
Now that I am at the end all I want to do is be

Okay. So, technically, it's not an ode. But it is hilarious. And, for those of you who don't know Josh, Brad, and this whole little situation, there is no real point or substance to this poem. No, I don't like them (Anyone will contest to this, no?). No, they don't like me. The whole thing is a fluff and a joke. And it's SO funny.

I do have to say, though, where the asterik is placed (*), I needed to correct a grammatical error that deeply saddens me. I've been in English class with these boys as Mrs. Sylvia drills these grammar concepts into their pea-sized brains (did I say that outloud?), and they still continue to say "you and me". No. No. NO! "Me go together" makes not a lick of sense. "I go together" sounds soooo much nicer. :D Thanks for the poem, though, guys. It was priceless, and will be going in a frame before long. And thanks to Katie T for helping them out with the idea. ;)

Today was the unofficial last day of school. I guess I'm technically a junior then. How strange.

My vivacious Vicki-tortilla (or, once you get to know her anyway) found my book. The book. The book I've been searching for my whole life. She's made a huge discovery.

And thanks to all of my fabulous friends for making my sweet sixteen the sweetest it could ever be! You guy are awesome, and I am blessed to have you all in my life.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

grrr over the last entry...


Leslie Virginia said...

:-p I <3 you!