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What a holiday season it has been! Hectic, fun, exciting, boring, crazy, stressful ... just about everything you could possibly imagine. I'm not going to bore you with all of the details, but overall it's been great; spending time with family, having time to actually sit down and read a good book, waking up every morning and just being able to reflect on everything God's done for me rather than jumping out of bed to get ready for school. Of course, this lovely reality will end tomorrow, when I go back to waking up at 6 every morning, when I stay up until midnight or so doing homework because I decided to read my new book first, when I sleep on ice and heat from dance pains, and when the routine is so drilled into my head that I could pratically be blindfolded and still make it through the week in one piece. Life is good, isn't it? Haha.

My grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary was on December 27th, and we (my mom and my aunt, really) gave them a huge party on the 29th at the Yacht Club. It was beautiful, and very fun reflecting on old memories. It's amazing to me that they have been through so much together. They were married when they were 19 and 20, and it's just simply incredible to me that they have spent over 50 years in each other's lives. There aren't many people today that make it to their 50th anniversary, and there will be even fewer in this generation ... people marry much later nowadays, and divorce more frequently. But, what a blessing and an example to witness this milestone for my grandparents. They have taught me so much, and seeing them come to this place in their life is just further reason for me to take what they say to heart. My Mamaw and Dedad are two of the most wonderful people I know, and I am so blessed to be a part of their lives. They have truly taught me, simply by living, that love isn't love until you die completely to yourself, surrender to God, and then share God's love with each other. Happy 50th Anniversary, Mamaw and Dedad! :)

Their wedding, 50 years ago.

On the other end of the spectrum, a old, dear friend of ours called yesterday and announced that he was engaged to his girlfriend of 3 (or so?) years. It's a wonderful thing, sort of. No one really likes Meagan, but I guess if Scott loves her - that's all that matters. :) He also told me that he cut his blonde/orange/white afro looking thing down to 1/8 of an inch. I'm still trying to picture Scott Weinstein bald and it's turning out to be a very wierd image. He went on to tell me that he's been traveling all over the country, doing a variety of commercials, magazine advertisements, music videos, etc... and his most recent project? A small speaking part and a background dancer in Paris Hilton's Pledge This! "Not a very clean movie," he says. "Well, Paris Hilton isn't much to speak of." "No, and neither is her talent. But my part ... I'm pretty good in it." :-p Haha. Count on Scott to mention that. So, it was good to hear from Scott after so long, and just thought it was funny ... the opposite ends of 50th anniversary and newly engaged (Christmas day, by the way). Congrats to you, Scott - and Meagan as well. :-p

Well, I must head out. There is so much to be done before I go back to dance tonight and school tomorrow. Hope you all have a blessed 2005 full of truth, beauty, freedom, and above all things ... love, in Jesus Christ!

God bless,

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Anonymous said...

aww your grandparents were so cute...your grandmother looked so beautiful. it sure is amazing to think that our grandparents were young once! haha