bringing you back home to stay

Each day, my Bible teacher writes a thought on the board that requires some intellectual brain power and some Bible meditating. I always look forward to the few simple words that will surprise me each day. When I really like them or get a lot from them, I will copy them into my planner and save them for personal use. I thought I'd share some of the most recent with you ...

Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God.
:: John 6:37

Jesus will be your Savior without your behavior. If you've allowed Him to be your Savior, He'll change your behavior.
:: Acts 20:21

When you live in the joy and peace of abandonement, you have the confidence that things will work out for your good God's way.

The difference between discouragement and encouragement is determined by whom you rely on - God or man.

God will do whatever is required to draw the impurities out of you And allow you to face them, so that He can deal with them And you can be set free.

These are yours to interpret. Take them however you wish, and hopefully you'll get something out of them. :)

My day today has been fairly uneventful. Went to school, which wasn't too incredibly exciting. I have either a test or quiz in every single class tomorrow excluding dance. What else is new? Haha. English was fun, though. Tiffany, Emily and Kalylan did their George Orwell project ("It's time for TEK Live!"). It was cute :-p, and very informative. Parts of it were spazmatic, but it got the point across, and it kept me awake. I was ready to doze off in geometry, and I could hardly grasp the concept Mr. Callahan was trying to drill into our brains because I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open. Stephanie, Jenna, Jason and I tried to (in a roundabout way) figure out our schedule for Senior Slave Day tomorrow, but I don't think we've come up with anything yet. Hopefully we'll figure out something soon! After school though, Jenna's taking me out to get ice cream, coffee or something of the sort, just so we can hang out and chat. I don't think Jason's coming, because he's leaving to go out of town or something. Anywho, that should be fun. Katie and Austin might come as well. Perhaps I should make them pay for some of Jenna. :-p

Uncle Richard's funeral was today, in Orlando. Had I not missed school on Tuesday, I would have been able to go, but I couldn't afford to miss another day. I'm already having make-up work issues. :sigh: But, I talked to my mom and she said it was a beautiful service. Then ... "The pastor read your letter." "My letter? What letter?" "The thing on your journal ... the online thing." "Oh! :eek: Why?" "Because it was beautiful!" Haha. Yeah, so, that little blurb a few posts back about Uncle Richard was read at his funeral. Kind of sweet - but odd at the same time. Makes me wish I had been there. ^_^

Well, I better head out and study for all of those stupid tests and quizzes I have tomorrow. Katie's coming over to hang out with me too while the rest of my family is coming home from Orlando (and Spencer is ... who knows where!). Hope you all have a great weekend!

God bless,

When every boat has sailed away
When every path is marked and paved
When every road has had its say
Then I'll be bringing you back home to stay
Josh Groban

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