'when I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes'

What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than surrounded by so many good books you can't possibly choose just one? :sigh: I'm having a love affair with books. I could live in Barnes and Noble; or at the very least, visit everyday and get a book per visit. Saturday, I went in to get the Great Gatsby, and I emerged with it, along with The Guardian (Dee Henderson), Vivian: The "V" Spot (Sherrie Krantz), and a book from the biography section all about Henry VIII and his six wives. I'm so excited! Unfortunately, I must read the Great Gatsby first, but I'm hoping to fly through that so I can get started on my new collection. :)

Books are so amazing. They can bring such inspiration, or they can completely bring you down. I really enjoy reading in school, because its most likely the only time you are going to read the classic books. When there are so many other riveting books from new authors on the "New Release" shelf, why would you go and pick up The Crucible? However, it has really taught me to appreciate the classics and to observe how writing has changed throughout the years. (Allow me to quote Mark Twain: " 'Classic' A book which people praise but don't read." Haha. Couldn't have said it better myself.)

Honestly, literature is not what it used to be. I mean, who's to say that in 100 years people will still be reading the popular books today? Somehow, The DaVinci Code being read in schools doesn't sound right. But, who knows. Wouldn't it be cool if after we died we could observe the world and how it changes? I think that would be quite fascinating.

Anyway...I just had to share about my beloved books...school is going well. The year started off very awkwardly, and I wasn't sure what to make of it except that the year was going to be pretty bad. But, God has a sense of humor and everything I thought of as a bad thing He has showed me how its good. Now I am really looking forward to this year and everything that its going to bring. I don't have a teacher that I really dislike, although, I have a couple of teachers who think the best way of teaching is to stick notes on an overhead and read them as your student copies them. Sorry-not learning much. : blink: Whatever. As long as I pass the class, I could care less. ;)

I start dance classes today. I honestly hate taking a break from them during the summer. It's dreadful! Every year its the same routine. By May, I'm ready for a break. After about two weeks, I'm ready to go back to dance. I usually dance for two weeks during the summer and I'm ready for a break again, and then, by the time classes roll around again, I'm out of shape, out of touch, and thirsty for a ballet class. So, that time has come, and I'm quite excited...except for the way my ick body is going to look in tights and a leotard. Honestly, if I didn't dance, I would be a fat cow. Thank goodness I only stop dancing for two months! :-p

Before I go, I want to thank Melanie for her latest blog entry. It really spoke to me...silly I know, but it did. :hugs: Love you girl. :)

Oh, and, one more note: Due to my love of books, I began writing a story about a girl who...loves books. :sigh: It's a work in progress, but I'm really excited about it. Just wanted to share. ^_^

Love you all!

God bless,

Title quote: Desiderius Erasmus


Tim said...

Yah. After we die, I would much rather be fascinated by God, and how his glory is revealed to us more and more. And how he just keeps getting more beautiful in our sight. Books are books, and unless I read something that is of an author who writes about the heavenly, books mean almost nothing to me... haha except of course. Enders Game! Poor author, he's like a muslim or something :(

But, I'm very happy that you enjoy books so much. yes. Uh. I am...

-Anonymous BLOGGERS OF AMERICA!(and other countries too!)

Tim said...

I Have one thing to say, most bloggers are gay. But you aren't Leslo, because you are a lesbo! man that was harsh... here goes again... by the way that was kind of a chant/song. I Have one thing to say, most bloggers are gay. But you aren't Leslo! because yourthecoolestperson I know!

Leslie Virginia said...

You're wierd...:sigh:

Anonymous said...

I would give up a career to work at Barnes and Noble and just read books there for the rest of my life. I'm sure I couldn't lead a happier life anywhere else but there. And if it has a Starbucks like the Barnes and Noble at the Grove in L.A. I would start begging on my knees for a job. Seriously.

I guess I love books just as much as you do. Oh, speaking of classics: I always cursed my teacher at school for having to read all those 'boring old books' and now I read them in my free time without anyone having to force me to do so. They're amazing.

Btw I once started to write a book myself. Not only once actually... ^-^

I'm glad all is going so well at school now. You always gotta see the bright side.

Still love reading your blog, Leslie. I'm so glad there's blogs. It makes keeping up with each other's lives so much easier. I'm glad that somebody actually reads what I write and actually feels touched by it.

Love you muchly!