psalm 149:3 . psalm 30:11

"Let them praise His name with dancing..." ~ "You turned my wailing into dancing..."

Most of us have a way of escape, where we can go or do something to forget about what's on our mind. Some of us escape through music, some of us escape through the beach...My escape is dance.

On Sunday, I was kind of distressed. I couldn't even tell you exactly what it was that was disturbing me, but it was a build up of situations that wasn't putting me in a very good mood. Monday morning, I had a choreography workshop at my school. It is amazing the way dance heals me. Whatever it was that was disturbing me was gone the instant I started warming up. While I'm dancing, I don't have to think about all the crap that's going on in the world, in my life, or in any body else's life. It's a moment that belongs completely to me and to God. No one else. And I was just so happy to be dancing again. The summer is the worst for me, because my dance schedule is very unregular, and I end up hardly dancing at all. Why I can't picture myself ever dancing professionally, I will always dance. To stop would be to take half of my life away. I am just so thankful for the gift of dancing. I cannot imagine my life without it.

On that same note, I'm very thankful that I am dancing this week. My friend Tim, who I am incredibly close to, was away in Kansas City, Missouri for 3 1/2 weeks. He was originally coming home on Sunday and leaving again to go to North Carolina and then Europe on Thursday. But, plans changed, and he left today. Which meant that I only got to spent a sliver of time with him on Monday. I found myself a bit upset, quite surprisingly. I even told him that while he was in KC, I didn't really miss him, per se, but I could already tell that I would be missing him while he was gone this time. I am just so happy that I will be dancing this week, and I will be able to get my mind away from missing him. And hopefully once school starts I will too busy to think about it. But, its just odd the way things happen in life and I the best way out for me is through dance...

My friend Amanda recommended I listen to a song, Broken, by Amy Lee (of Evanescence) and Seether. I did, and I immediately pictured a dance in my head...with Tim, nonetheless (he dances with me at my studio). So, in a lot of ways, dance reminds me of certain things, and takes me places I don't want to go, but it always will be a place where I can go and relax and enjoy the grace of God.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

I feel the exact same way about dance as you do. It is just very soothing for me and I can forget all of the stressful things going on in my life. The movements help me to release any bad feelings I have and I am taken to another place it seems!
Love ya, "evil sister"

Anonymous said...

Dance does the same thing to me, it's just liberating and, as you said, it makes you forget everything else. Thinking about it, isn't happiness having things like dancing that make life worthwhile? Dancing, talking to friends, movies, music... Trying to define happiness is so abstract and I have never succeeded to find the right words to describe what happiness is. But it's not that hard. It's all of the little things that make you feel easy, that make you forget the dark side of life and make your days brighter.

I'm sorry I haven't replied to your email yet but I just can't seem to find enough time for the computer at the moment. I'm glad we have our blogs now, it's a great way of keeping in touch.

Good luck with your summer reading book, my procrastination fellow. hehe


PS: I gotta call Evy when she gets back from her vacation to ask her how to pronounce her name correctly. It's driving me nuts not to know it. ;)

Leslie Virginia said...

To me, happiness is the joy that is fulfilled only through Jesus Christ. :)

Yes...summer reading. :shrug: It's a dreadful assignment. I have no motivation whatsoever until the day before school starts. hehe. But, we're in this procrastination together!

Eeee when you call Evy, will you ask her to text me, so I can have her number? I tried to text her one time, but it didn't work. So, I think if she sent me a text, then I would have the country code and everything. Anywho, send her all my love. :D

Love ya ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well im not like dancing.. my way of escape would be the beach, but cus im not near one.. it has to be music. And sometimes even music cant erase all my non good thoughts... Im so happy about you my Gigi-bean, we all see that dance is your passion and im glad you can practice it.. im not so lucky with the beach thing and it would help me for sure :(

Luv ya sweetie! xoxoxoxox