after Your heart

You said come, so I ran like a child running to meet his daddy who’d been away at war.
You said imagine, so I dreamed of a fantastical adventure that blew Cinderella away.
You said think, so I pondered more than the greatest philosophers and Einstein combined.
You said speak, so I shouted as though I only had one more chance to say something important.

Then you said surrender,

So I took a few steps back and secured myself in my control.
But You said no, so as to mean that my control was not secure; it was fallible and incomplete.

You said surrender again, so I gave You my weapon.
But I kept myself.
And You said that wasn’t enough, so I took it all back.

I was weary, and I thought I was weary of You.
But You said no, that it was my faulty control I was weary of.

Then You said abandon, so I gave up myself like David when he danced before You.
I am my beloved’s and his desire is for me.


cadence_of_heart said...

ah. it's amazing.

leslies my hero.

Tim said...

flippin awesome post... thats what I like to read