the cross is red; the road is narrow

We all know the devastation and destruction the Hurricane Katrina has caused not only Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, but our nation as a whole. And, I want to remind you all (as most of you who read my blog are young, able bodied teenage citizens of America) that there is plenty we can do to help. Don't sit there thinking there's nothing you can do. As I said in Lauren's blog, if donating $20 to the redcross or a disaster organization means not buying that new CD you really want, then so be it. These people have lost everything, you guys. We take so much for granted and it is time for us, as a generation, to step back and realize how blessed we are and how much we can do for others. Get over yourself, get to helping others, and make a difference in this world. Show the people of America what it means to be a Christian teenager in this crazy mixed up world.

God bless,

My dad, who owns a produce company, has sent several trucks full of fruit and vegetables over to New Orleans and the surrounding area. He will be sending at least one more truck on Saturday, September 10. The Providence Anchor club is organizing a drive to collect important items that the people are consistently asking for. These are primarily: Diapers, Baby Formula, Bottled Water and Blankets. If you would like to participate in this drive, please bring items to Mrs. Tusek's room (A214) by 2:30 on Friday, September 9. Or, if you don't go to Providence but would like to provide some of the above items, feel free to drop them off at my house (email me if you don't have my home address: lesterva5870@hotmail.com) by Friday as well. These people need our help, everyone! Let's do all that we can.


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Leslie Virginia said...

Attn commenters of my blog: I keep getting comment spam (yes, there is actually such a thing now) in which computers are automatically posting advertisements and crap links on my blog. I don't want to only allow blogger members to post, so I'm trying the "word verification" option to see if that helps. Please bare with me, suffer through the pain of having to type the few letters they ask of you, and know that you're preventing Leslie's blog from being infested with ridiculous comments from spammers. Thanks. :)

cadence_of_heart said...

Once again, I agree.

Ah you mentioned me in your blog...I feel special. thanks lestrakins

I'll see you...actually, in like two hours lol.

love you.


cadence_of_heart said...

Wait wait wait.

There's a book called As I Lay Dying?

That's one of my favorite bands.

Life's good.


Leslie Virginia said...

AH! Rebecca and I were having this conversation today...As I Lay Dying was a book loooong before it was ever a band. William Faulkner, hello?? Ack. I hate it when people do that...name something after something else famous and then new generations only know of that something by the something that is named. :blink: So, yes, As I Lay Dying is an old classic by William Faulkner about a family and their journey to take their dead mother to her desired burial sight. It's told in the story of, I think, 6 different people including the dead mother herself. Quite brilliant, actually. But very Faulkner. Weird, morbid, and extremely deep.

cadence_of_heart said...

oooo i may have to check that book out.

haha so i get to my blog and am looking at the side where my profile is and stuff and it took me a few minutes to remember i gave you my password and all that lol but thanks :) it looks even better now.

you're the best.

Leslie Virginia said...

We're reading it this year in AP Lang fourth quarter, coinciding with when we read Poisonwood Bible--at novel that is also told from the voice and perspective of more than one person (4 daughters and a mother...all telling the story of the father). I love books like that. Poisonwood is possibly my favorite book of all time, and you can always read about it here: http://lifeofanoxymoron.blogspot.com/2005/05/administering-poison.html/ :)

By the way, you're very welcome for helping you out. Let me know what you want me to add/change/take away, etc. If I have time some day, I'll teach you how it all works. ;)

Leslie Virginia said...

*coinciding with when we read Poisonwood Bible--another novel...

cadence_of_heart said...

Using vocabulary wordsi happened to learn in Mrs. Sylv's class doesn't count. I'm talking about the girls that say things such as, "mer" "trauma" and the like. It's annoying. Only Mrs. Sylv can get away with words/phrases like that.

I think tenth grade will get...I don't wanna say easier...but I'll learn to adjust to it. It's just a big difference from ninth grade, that's all.

You rock.

Leslie Virginia said...

Why are you posting that stuff on here? Post it after my comment on your blog. It makes more sense. :)

But, anyway, I knew what you meant about that. I was just teasing you. Last year, everyone was always using the vocab words. But, I mean, that's the point of them, verdad?

Tenth grade is a blast. I miss it.

em clemons said...

You're so sweet.