as light on the glass is to and fro refracted

Does anyone know what happens on September 27? Anyone? No? Okay.

I guess I’ll have to tell you myself.

A COLLISION is coming!

A Collision, that is, being David Crowder’s latest and greatest CD which contains—among millions of other stupendous works of art—Here is Our King: an unfathomably beautiful ode to my God that we sang multiple times at Fun in the Son with Mr. Goat himself and therefore is reserved among some of my fondest memories. This is, by far, and without contest, one of the greatest worship songs. Ever. If you visit his website there ought to be at least a sample of it running around somewhere. Perhaps you should have a fun time perusing through the site. It’s my newest addiction, since I’ve banned myself for the next two weeks from AIM. :)

So, be prepared for this hugely stunning catastrophe.

The goat is coming. And he’s even more insane than before.

God bless,


cadence_of_heart said...

the goat...huh?

You know what else happens on September 27? My sisters birthday + us and girls from our church are going to a concert at Murray Hill. You should come.

Hearts n such.

Leslie Virginia said...

Yay for Em's birthday. :) Who's playing at the hill that night?

It's a Tuesday night, though, and I have dance, so I can't come. But, I'll be with you in spirit. ;)