'i don't want a childhood; i want to be a ballet dancer'

Lindsay and I went to the ballet tonight; the Russian National Ballet performed Swan Lake, and it was stunning. I must say though, that the best part was not the ballet itself, as beautiful as that was, but rather, spending time with Lindsay. You know, living across the street from your best friend for seven years and having her suddenly move far (10 minutes is far from 30 seconds, alright?) away from you is incredibly disheartening and upsetting. We still see each other, but our schedules so often conflict, and usually only end up colliding when it comes to dance. So, we had an opportunity to spend time together (since she got her license you know, everything is dandy...she actually drove us downtown!) like best friends again; it was lovely. I've missed her a lot. Lindsay is such an amazing person, and she's the kind of friend who you know will always be there for you no matter what you go through. She's the kind of person who you can always be yourself with, and know that she loves you even more because of who you are. AH, I adore her. :)

Along with my fabulous person, the ballet was excellent. The costumes were beautiful, the props were done very well, the dancing was phenomenal, and the lead was quite good. All in all, it was a magnificant performance and a nice recollection of my previous visit to the "Swan Lake" this past summer in London. It is a beautiful ballet, though I cannot imagine dancing it. I suppose lead wouldn't be that terrible, but the corps has so much strenuous standing around, port de bras, tendus, etc...and they all have to be perfectly together! As I was watching, I was imagining what the artistic directors must have corrected them on numerous times. "B-plus! Tendu! Degaje!" Sheesh. I could never be a professional ballerina.

Wishing you all the best, and a blessed rest of the week!

God bless,

My precious Providence people...Pleeeeease come to the dinner cruise. It simply won't be the same without you! Also to Provies, be sure to buy your tickets for the play (Emily Clemmons has them readily available ^_^); if you purchase matinee tickets, you get out of most of school! Cheers, anyone?


Anne Leigh Turner (teehee) said...

ok no more contemporary British literature for you! i draw the line once you start using "cheers!" as part of your everyday vernacular. wait, is everyday vernacular redundant? oh well. i'm glad you enjoyed swan lake and i expect it is a beautiful ballet--ive never seen it though. actually, ive never actually seen a real ballet, unless you count the traditional yearly Nutcracker. so i guess that counts. awesome! i've seen a ballet. however, all that ballet vocabulary you use makes my head hurt. im pretty sure i dont even want to know what "degaje" means. ballet depresses me...oh that i were gracefull and light upon my feet and possessed the ability to stand on the very tips of my toes. teehee. ok wow that was a long comment. i'll see you tomorrow! bye!

Melanie said...

Swan Lake is one of the ballets I have been dying to see for years. And wow, I heard the Russian National Ballet is supposed to be one of the best in the world. It must be even a greater experience for you to see them because you see the performance from another point of view than a 'regular person'.
I'm also glad you got to spend time with Lindsay again. I remember how you told me about her in Salzburg. She must be a great person when you think so highly of her. :)

Anyways I'm back from Malta but very busy with uni at the moment since I've been lazy during my Easter break (who studies when they're on vacation?).

Oh, about the poets. I have read some poems by John Keats and must say I liked his poems apart from the fact that they are really long. That sounds stupid but I really want to analize the poetry I read and it's so hard to concentrate on a poem that's 10 pages long. lol I am not familiar with John Donne's poetry but I think I should read some of his work. Have you already decided on who you're gonna do the project on? Btw I'm currently reading Alicia Keys's book of poems and lyrics and I'm loving it. Here's my favourite:

Golden Child

Hello morning
now I see you
cause I am awake
What was once so sweet and secure
has turned out to be fake
Girl, you can't be scared
gotta stand up tall and let 'em see what shines in you
Push aside the part
lying in your heart
like the ocean is deep, dark and blue

Golden sunshine's
peeking through the grayness of the sky
Soon it will be in full view
and rain won't stain your eye
Girl, you be smart
look in your heart and see what shines in you
Push aside the part
lying in your heart
like the ocean is deep, dark and blue

You are a golden child.

You don't have to be afraid cause time is on your side
and they don't know the power you possess
or the beauty that's inside

Hello morning
now I see you
cause the lessons learned
these cards are the ones dealt to play
and the tables will be turned.

You are a golden child.

It's simple, really, but for some reason it moved me to tears.

Anyhoo, gotta run.

Love you

Leslie Virginia said...

A.L. Turner (:p): There is absolutely nothing wrong with cheers. And, relax, will you? I only said it once. <_<

Ah, The Nutcracker is a ballet yes, but the ones here are nothing compared to the professional ones. Actually, I think the only [real] professional ballet I have seen is Swan Lake, twice. That's kind of odd. Eee, I'm hopefully going to see some in NYC this summer. I'm so excited.

Yes, tomorrow! I will see you tomorrow. Ah, the dinner cruise. How delightful. I'm excited. Though, you may want to pack some crackers or some, because I heard from {someone} that the food isn't entirely wonderful. ;)

Love to you.

Melanie: WELCOME HOME! Ah, I would go to your website everyday to see if you had returned yet. I miss-ded you. :hugs: (And, just for the record...no one studies while they're on vacation)

I have decided, after much conflict and debate, to choose Donne who I have found to be incredibly interesing, intriguing, intellectual and incredible. I am enjoying him immensely (there are simply too many "i" words in the English dictionary). I do love Keats as well. My English teacher was prodding me to do Keats, but, I wanted someone slightly new that I could learn something about. So, I'm excited. :)

Oh, what beautiful lyrics--very encouraging words that many children, sadly, will never hear someone say to them in their lives. :(

I'm glad, once again, that you have returned safely. At some point, when our homework schedules slow down a bit, I would like to try and call you. Preferably one day when you are at home, so I can speak to you and Mary in one call. Or, we could 3-way. ^_^

Love you, muchly.

Melanie said...

Aww, you know if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know what to keep that blog for.

I really gotta catch up on Donne. It's a shame I don't know his poems. Good luck with the project! It's always good to have a topic you're really interested in (like Virginia Woolf in my case...back then). I've been reading like a maniac recently. I don't know what I would do in my life without books, movies and music. I'm not exaggerating, I'd die if those things were taken from me for the rest of my life.

I'm in Vienna for another two weeks but will go home for 3 days around my Birthday if you want to call and talk to my sister as well. :)

You know, I've been thinking about this summer and what I'm gonna do with my 3 weeks of vacation that are left after working at Swarovski's. I might fly over to the States again so maybe I'll be able to see you again this year. :) This all is not very concrete yet but I thought I might let you know that I'm thinking about it.

Love you!

Leslie Virginia said...

AH!! This is me freaking out! Holy cow. Alright, I'm not getting too excited, just in case, but Oh My Word. Melanie. I would die if you came to see me. Well, not die like the way you would die if your music was taken away, but, you know. :bounces: Oh wow. Heeee. Would Mary be able to come with you??

I was bummed that Virginia Woolf wasn't a subject option, though she's not much of a poet...though, I would love to do a project on her. I will probably have the chance in AP Lang next year, and if so, maybe I can consult you for some resources. ;) haha.

I would love to call you, especially to wish you happy birthday in semi-person. hehe. Just keep me posted on when you'll be home. :)

OH! I would be sad if you got rid of your blog site. It's our connection, Mellies. Ugh. If only there wasn't so much water on this planet...

Love you so much!