camera shy europeans and their food counterpart

Our dinner cruise was last night, and it was awesome. I didn't actually have time to eat the dinner because I was mingling and taking pictures, but it was very fun. A lot of people ended up coming, though there were a lot of people who weren't there who were sorely missed. You guys really missed out on an awesome evening...

I can't speak for anyone else, but I had a great time. I danced a bit - mostly when it was the line dances that I know. I don't like to dance to hip hop music unless I'm given something to do; so, I would quietly step away when they played Usher and "Goodies". Not really my cup of tea. But we did Cotton Eye Joe, the Electric Slide, the Macarena, and Max made up and taught a dance to Redneck Woman. That was exciting. :-p When I wasn't dancing, I was taking pictures, talking with Tiff or others who were not dancing, or being endlessly picked on by Paul Sylvia for my smallness. It's too bad I have no wit, and can never come up with something decent to say back to him. Instead, I just tried to push him off the dock, but Mrs. Sylvia saved him. Darn. (Ah, Paul. You know I love you. ^_^)

Everyone looked so beautiful, and I think it's probably safe to say that everyone had a good time. I was very proud of the guys. They (for the most part) did a nice job of dressing well. There were a few who needed a couple of pointers from the "What Not To Wear (to a highschool dinner cruise)" crew, but everyone looked nice and sharp in their ties (which, by the way, they had all been taught by their fathers to conviently throw it over their shoulders while they were eating. Emily and I were slightly amused by this fact).

Oh, I have to explain the title to you. Hm. Well, as I was on my picture taking rampage, I managed to snap one of the servers. One of them said "Hey, please no pictures. I am camera shy," with a magnificant accent. So, I asked him where he was from, he said "I am from JapAn," I said "No way," and he said "No. If you could guess I was from anywhere in the world, where would you guess?" "Ireland, Scotland, Germany?" "No, Manchester, England." Then I asked him if I could take a picture of the food or if it was camera shy, too. Anyway, we had a nice little discussion about England. Sort of. Haha. He had such an awesome accent though, and red hair. Hm. He may have been making it all up...

Ah, a new week is beginning. May God bless you all, and give you strength to get through every moment! :)

God bless,

O.A.S.N. [edit]
To see my full collection of photos from the dinner cruise, feel free to inquire about my KodakGallery/Ofoto account. Or, you can visit my flickr account which does not require a username and password: http://flickr.com/photos/lesterva.


Anne Leigh Turner said...

haha. "camera shy europeans" that was so funny! and that picture of the Sylvias is tooo precious. boardering on nauseating even. lol jk. its adorable.

and dont worry. some people are born with wit and some achieve it with age. perhaps you are of the latter. and i happen to think that you are not completely deprived of wit. lol yeah this wasnt a really great comment but oh well. its been a rough weekend. lol, bye!

Anne Leigh Turner said...

:( its lonely being the only comment up here so i had to write another comment just so i wouldnt be alone....dont ask me to explain the logic behind that--there isnt any.

Leslie Virginia said...

Aw, precious. Hehe. I understand your non-logic. It's quite alright. ;)

Melanie said...

Hun, I'm so sorry it didn't work out with the phone call. :( I went to the movies ("The Interpreter", yay!) but that's why I missed your calls. I'm sorry! :(