give thanks . with a grateful heart

Hey all. :)

I just wanted to inform those of you who care that I will be traveling tomorrow to Alabama to my sister. We won't be back until Sunday evening. Feel free to email me or call my cell, though I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending on the computer and phone. I will hopefully be filling up my time with Mash. :-D

In the mean time, I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, once again. And for those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving (Mellies :-p), you have a wonderful week, and discover all that you have to be thankful for.

Really quick, in honor of the holiday, I wanted to compile a short list of the people who have significantly touched my life that I am eternally thankful for and grateful to (in no specific order) ::

  • My parents :: for their neverending love, and for their discipline, even though I hate it at the moment - I know I will appreciate it in the long run.
  • My older brother, Spencer :: for being an example, and someone to talk to - and for driving me places.
  • And my little brothers, Harrison and Leighton :: for putting up with me as their big sister, and for being the greatest little brothers anyone could ever ask for.
  • My grandparents, Mamaw and Dedad :: for always doing things with a willing heart, and for reminding me to live life to it's absolute fullest.
  • Katie :: for always being there, and always giving me something to laugh about
  • And her evil big sister Austin (Happy 17th birthday, tomorrow!) :: for becoming my friend, despite our previous issues :-p and for going ahead of me and testing the waters - then giving me the results. ;)
  • Lindsay :: for always providing a wonderful laugh and smile, and for being there to talk to when I need it most
  • Tim :: for being a great friend, first and foremost, and for giving me awesome hugs when they're greatly needed
  • Jesus Christ! :: for loving me enough to suffer more pain than any man could have endured, simply so I could have a home in heaven ... for Your unconditional love and ever faithful friendship.
  • Renee Graves :: for your spiritual guidance, and continual example of the Proverbs 31 woman.
  • Catherine and Jennifer :: for your loving acceptance of me and my family
  • Bethany :: for leading me through the murky waters
  • Melanie :: for being a part in my dream-come-true, and for always having a great word (or several words) of advice
  • Eva :: for being a leader, and for reminding me to do things while I have the chance, whilst I regret not having done them
  • Jo :: for being completely random and making me laugh, no matter what the circumstance
  • Amanda :: for showing me by example what it means to be a happy person, and for taking the time to talk with a silly 15 year old about all of her problems. ^_^
  • Amber :: for caring about me, and always having a smile on your face; for showing by the example of your life how the love of our Lord, the love of family and friends, and the love toward others, can overcome all obstacles
  • Megan :: for teaching me about leadership, headship and sacrifice - and for being brutally honest
  • Kristin :: for having problems that seem to coincide with mine so that we can discuss them together :-p and for not letting our friendship dissapear with time.
  • Rachel :: for reminding me of who I am in Jesus Christ, and for being a great person to talk to
  • Amelia :: for always making me smile, for listening to me ramble, and for endulging my Alias obsession and taking a part in it, eventually. :-p
  • Emily :: for making me laugh, even during the worst situation, and for teaching me about Nascar, John Deere, and shot guns.
  • Max (believe it or not :-p) :: for putting me in my place and always being there to listen
  • Phil :: for giving me the opporunity to share my experience of God's love
  • Mrs. Ward :: for all of my sixth grade memories, and those beyond
  • Mrs. Sylvia :: for helping me become the person I want to be, and for making me smile even when it was the last thing I wanted to do -- for having confidence in my ebulliency
  • Grant :: for welcoming me into your family, and making me feel loved
  • Mollie :: for always finding the right words to say, and for being an example to look up to and admire
  • And last but not least...my big sister, Mary Ashley :: for touching my life in millions of ways, for teaching me so much about life, love, and lipstick, and for being the sister I never had.

I love you all more than I can say, and this list is of course incomplete! I could never possibly name every person who has impacted my life - but each and every one of you deserve thanks. All of my friends at school, dance, church, and just random places - my life would not be the same without you. Thanks to all of you for playing a part in my life. :)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me hehe. Love ya like a sister and I'm thankful for you most of the time...lol jk I love ya tons! Hope you had fun at Mash's! Well I guess I'll probably see you tomorrow!
-the evil sister

Anonymous said...

"for being a part in my dream-come-true..."

Awww... *tear* Thanks for mentioning me. I love you and I promise I'll be there whenever you need me.

Love always