Today, Amelia and I went and saw The Polar Express. :tear: For me, it was more than just a child's animated movie. I know this sounds silly, but it truly was a childhood memory come to life. It was a lovely film, and I thorougly enjoyed it. I told melia that I was going to make my children watch it every Christmas. :-p It captures the spirit of Christmas just as the book does and will make anyone smile, young and old.

It's funny, because I remember years ago Lindsay and I had a conversation about Santa Clause. We both came to the conclusion that it wasn't Santa himself that was real, but the joy that he brought to children. Jesus is certainly the spirit, and real meaning of Christmas, but Santa, to me, just further displays the giving heart that is so present at Christmas time. This movie not only teaches children (of all ages) that believing lies in the heart, but leading, giving, and learning does as well.

The graphics were wonderfully done, and truly made it feel real. Tom Hanks was awesome, and they did a great job of matching the movie to the book. Obviously, since the book is only 10 pages long, they had to add in some extra stuff, but they nearly matched the pictures in the book perfectly down to every last detail. Just look at the book before and after you see the movie, and you'll see what I mean. :)

After that fabulous, fun and exciting adventure we had with the boy-with-no-name, Josh Groban adds a beautiful finishing touch to the movie,
singing "Believe" for the closing credits.

Polar Express reminded me of the innocence of children, and the simplicity of their faith. Those who doubt must be pushed a bit harder, and may even find themselves dangling on an edge, but believing will save them. As a child, reading Polar Express, it was simply a Christmas story about a boy who met Santa. As a teenager, I can now see that it's so much more than that.

God bless,

P.S. I tried to put up pictures from the website, but they were bitmap and Hello only lets me do JPEG. Anyway, you can visit
the site and see great pictures and other fun stuff. :)

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Anonymous said...

A very inspiring post as always. :) I've been thinking about your post for two days and I realized for myself that I think Santa Clause or the baby Jesus or whatever children in countries all over the world believe in are real. Not in a physical manner, of course, but just think of all the joy Santa brings to the children. I don't know much but I do know that this joy is real, which in the consequence makes Santa real imo. Probably more real than other things mankind believes in.

I'd be glad to follow your mom's invitation to visit and would take the next plane if I could. Maybe my sister and I will get the chance to travel sometime next year, it's just hard because free time is so limited due to school. But one day...I promise... :)

Thank you for your most recent comment, Leslie. It's just wonderful to read your words, they do make me stronger and always build me up again when I'm down. You are one very special person, do you realize that?

Love you with all my heart,