moving forward

Saturday, after soccer games and all the normal weekend stress, my parents packed us all in the car and we went to the Bush Rally at the football stadium. Wow. It was packed...and quite interesting, actually. Billy Cerveny and Aaron Tippin sang (2 country artists that I'm not very familiar with, unfortunately) and a variety of important people attended and spoke. Sean Hannady was there - he was a favorite of the crowd's. On our way home, we drove behind him, so we weren't stuck in too much traffic :-p

Bush was wonderful. He spoke longer than we expected him to, which was fine with us. The weather was really nice; there was a soft breeze, so it wasn't too hot. The highlight of the rally though was definitely when Air Force One flew (pretty lowly) over the stadium. It was just...surreal. It's a beautiful plane, as silly as that sounds, and it was really neat to see it right above us. They videoed the President's plane landing, and then as soon as he stepped out of the plane, the whole stadium cheered. It was awesome. Apparently, there were over 50,000 people there, making it the largest political rally in history. It's kind of cool that I was part of that!

Moving America Forward ... Bush Rally at Altell Stadium

Life has been pretty routine lately...our school schedule is kind of wacked up. As Mrs. Dill puts it, "The fun and games are being placed above the academics" which of course, we don't mind one bit! :) Homecoming is coming up, and we're all really excited; it will be Providence's first football homecoming, with lights and the whole nine yards! Katie and Max are the 10th grade reps, so that will be fun seeing them, too. I wonder how long Max will be able to stand still in front of a crowd of people, not to mention, with Katie right next to him. They'll probably pull some sort of a joke :-p haha. Anyway, hope you're all doing well and that you're experiecing God's love each and every day!

God bless,


Anonymous said...

yes, but who was the real stud of the Bush rally ay?

Leslie Virginia said...

Haha. We've been over this already...the President -has- to come in first place, but you were a very close second. ^_^