Failing Somewhere

I was on a pretty good roll in the month of May with posts. And then work started and life took over and I though about blogging a lot, but never actually did.

So here I am, saying hello.

I go back to Charlotte one week from today. Be excited with me.

I could write an entirely too long post about my summer, even though it has been, for the most part, uneventful.

But God has been doing some incredible things in my life. Ask me about them.

I also want to say that I finished the book I had to read (the freshmen's summer reading--I had to read it because I'm going to be helping them with it) a month ago. I am just so pleased with myself, because this never happens! No matter how hard I plan to read the book with plenty of time, I always end up finishing it the day we start school or whatever. But not this time. And I'm glad to say that my study habits and work habits are really improving. Not that they were ever bad; I always got my work done. But I probably wasted a lot of time and did more procrastinating than was necessary, causing more stress than was necessary. I'm getting over that. Finally. I'm getting to the point where I can work on a paper a little at a time instead of trying to write a 10+ page research paper the night before it's due. BAD IDEA. Just saying.

Well, I have to run, because I'm baking some goodies to take to Bible study tonight.

But remember this: God doesn't just love you. He adores you. And He doesn't need or want anything from you. He wants to give something to you. And he will always, always be there.

I love you all.

God bless,

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