and so it begins

And so it begins...the dreaded days of exams. I don't even understand the point of third quarter exams anyway. It's just another excuse for us to be stressed, to be tested, and to be disappointed when you don't do as well as you had hoped, despite your studious efforts. Oh yes. Welcome to exam week. :sigh:

I had an interesting day. I think it's one of those weeks, because, I was feeling slightly emotional and irritable. From the beginning of the day, I was ready to go crawl in a corner and hide. I was completely unfocused, unmotivated and uninterested in anything anyone (including teachers -- which is a really bad thing the day before exams begin) had to say. The only good part of the day was lunch with Erin, Amye, and Lauren. That's gotten to be quite wonderful, especially when we sit outside. Sitting outside puts me in a good mood. It was very nice out today too--very quiet and tranquil. Those girls make me laugh. They're very fun to eat lunch with. :) We have some very interesting conversations about :cough:coachmartin:cough:. Ahem.

We also got our artist essays back today in English .. and it put me in a bitter mood. I'm not even going to attempt to explain to everyone why, but just accept it. Haha. Just for the record, getting good grades is not always as fun and dandy as it may seem. They come with their price as well. :humph: I'll leave that free to personal interpretation.

So, I have to get through this week. Just this week. After this week, I'll be done with this hip hop dance that Katie and Max are absolutely brilliant at but that I want to run away and cry everytime it's mentioned (okay, I'm exaggerating). After this week, I'll be done with all of these review guides and 45 minute exams. After this week, I can look forward to going to see Chicago with Mamaw, Rachel, and Emily. After this week, I might be able to finally get caught up with my confirmation workbook that Ellie and I haven't really been working in much. After this week, I should be able to breathe a little bit again. I can't wait for this week to get over!

Well, I should run and squeeze in a bit of studying time before dance. Exam week is a bad time to be unmotivated, aye? I wish you all a good week, and, for my sake and anyone else's who is experiencing trauma similar to mine ...
"Life may not be the party we thought it'd be,
but since we're here, we might as well dance!"
Thanks to Victoria for that uplifting quote, by the way.

God bless,

Emily and Tiffany: You guys are amazing. Thanks. :-D


Erin said...

I have gotten to love our lunches too!! It is so much fun just the four of us and some strange conversations. haha. And don't worry about how your day was we can all have those days!

Melanie said...

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I'm back at uni and it's stress and stress only. :( I hope your exams did go well. Are you on spring break already? If you are: I'm so jealous. :p

Take care hun and I'll email you when I can breathe again. :)


Leslie Virginia said...

Mellies: Ah! Uni stress. What fun. hehe. I can relate...sort of. Maybe not, but I can atleast relate to the stress part. I hardly remember a day anymore where I'm not stressed. Although, this week has been pretty nice because, though we're not on spring break, we have standarized testing which calls for half days, no regular classes, and no homework. So, it's nice. :) Spring break starts Friday! So, then you can be jealous of me. :p

I hope your stress dies down soon, though. I have missed your frequent site updates! And, I absolutely loved your last entry! So inspiring. :D

Love you!