snow . sleep . stupor

According to Mel, it's been snowing in Austria for the past three days. I am insanely jealous. Well, maybe not insanely, but how incredibly beautiful must that be? Those gorgeous mountains just covered in pure, white, snow. I've seen the mountains in North Carolina covered in snow, and that took my breath away. I can hardly imagine a snow-covered Austria. I asked her to take some pictures for me...^_^

Well, I'm still very haggard and ill. I went to school yesterday, and hardly lasted first period. By third period, Katie was dragging me to the office and forcing me to call my parents. I didn't get a hold of them until I tried again at lunch ... and Dad came to pick me up at the end of sixth period (though I had been sitting in the office the whole time). Funny thing, I realized that of the 5 periods I went to, I slept in 4 of them; I never sleep in class! I guess everyone told the teachers that I was feeling very sick though, and they probably figured as much since they would never dream of seeing me ignoring them in such a rude manner. Mrs. Dill (First period - the class I didn't sleep in) even asked me to babysit for her this weekend; it would be Marissa's first baby-sitter ever! I had to regretfully tell her that I was sick. We were both sad. :( In Bio, we watched a movie and were quizzed on it, but I couldn't even focus. I felt brain fried. English, after I took the Vocab quiz (Got a 100%; my only accomplishment of the day), I put my head down and fell asleep. Mrs. Sylvia came over and was petting me on my head. :-p Brad says, "Could you please refrain from petting Leslie?" Mrs. Sylvia then replies, unimpressed by Brad's use of our easiest vocab word this year, "No, I will not. The poor lamb is ill." Sweet Mrs. Sylvia. Where would the world be without Mrs. Syvlias? There certainly wouldn't be many lambs around. After third, we went to Class Meetings and Clubs, both of which I slept through after being prodded by several teachers. Mr. Starkweather: "Trying to sleep, aye?" I looked up at him so pitifully, whilst my friends caught him up on my stupor state. "Ah, you don't look so good," he finally said before walking away. I just nodded. Bible, we watched a movie, and despite Mr. Overman's pre-movie speech to not sleep, talk or do other work, I fell asleep anyway. I couldn't keep my eyes open. As I was leaving, he gave me a hug and told he hoped I felt better. Atleast he understood. Then, in math, we had a sub, and we were doing some complicated concept that Mr. Cally never taught us ... so I just slept. Coats told Mrs. Hedges that I was sick, and she apparently let me sleep. By lunch, I felt so ill, I went and asked Spencer if he could take me home. He walked me to the office, and befriended Mrs. Rizzo. It's amazing how much nicer she is to me when Spencer's around! Jeepers - I should just take him with me everywhere. So, I called Daddy and got a hold of him, and he said he would come as soon as possible. I went and finished lunch (though I was too ill to actually eat anything), got my stuff together, and sat in the office for 30 minutes. I was so relieved to see Dad walking in the doors.

So, that was my day yesterday. After that, I came home, layed on the couch, and watched movie after movie after movie: The first part of Elizabeth (which finally came from Netflix on Thursday!), Paparazzi (which was extremely dissapointing), and Shall We Dance (which I found terribly boring, but it could have something to do with the fact that I felt awful and could hardly focus). Mom came home with a large soft-chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen for me, so the 10 minutes I spent eating that I felt awfully good. It's very soothing to the throat. The fam watched TV for a little bit, and then everyone fell asleep (I was having trouble falling asleep because my sinuses were awful), so I took the portable DVD player to my bedroom and finished Elizabeth. Actually, I dozed off, and finished it this morning. It's a fabulous film! Granted, there are some disturbing moments, but it's so accurate to the 1500's. Cate Blanchett was brilliant as Elizabeth; she vividly and articulately brought her to life. I enjoyed it immensely, despite my awful state.

I woke up this morning, ate some toast, then went back to sleep for 2 hours. I want to sleep more, but it's so hard to fall asleep because my nose is so stuffy and my head is so heavy.

I only hope that you all are feeling well, and aren't under the same weather I seem to be stuck in. Have a fabulous weekend!

God bless,


Anonymous said...

aww my little leslie...i hope you feel better quite soon!!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

feel better leslie

-Brett T

Anonymous said...

lesman my luv!!! aww yaaa being sick sucks doesnt it! lol school just isnt the same without ya!! lol. u better be there tomorrow cuse i miss seing ur lovely face!! lol. ttyl!!
~emilis wally~ :p

Anonymous said...

It's so funny, just today I went for a walk armed with my digicam to get some pictures taken for you and now I go online to read your latest blog entry. hehe Of course I didn't bring the right equipment with me to upload the pictures to my computer (that's the problem with living in two places at the same time: you never have things where you need them). I'm gonna send you some pics in a week though.

It sucks to be sick, hope you feel better soon. But it's nice to be nursed by your mom, that's something I miss when I'm not at home and not feeling well. She's always the one to bring me hot chocolate or tuck me in. Yeah, I'm a baby when I'm sick. ;)

I have yet to see Elizabeth as I'm sure I'm gonna love the movie. I have become a real fan of Cate Blanchett and ever since I saw Shakespeare in Love have been in love with Joseph Fiennes. :)

Anyways, get well soon, dear.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

pssssssh! petting your head?! goodness! i had to find the nearest trashcan to upchuck in for those few lines about lambs and mrs. sylvia!
buuuut...with that said...i must admit that u were looking prettty sickly and i hope ur feelin up to par! haha
i'll ttyl
em <><

Leslie Virginia said...

Vic: Thanks, dear. I am feeling much better, as I'm sure you've noticed. :)

Brett: Thanks!

Wally: Hehe. I know you missed me. ^_^

Mel: I can't wait to see those pics! I'm ecstatic hehe. I am better, but still congested. However, I am back to my old self mentally and emotionally, which is a huge step for me. haha. Yes, Joseph Fiennes is a very nice thing to look at in Elizabeth :-p It's a brilliant movie though. You should certainly add it to your "to see" list!

Emily: Haha. Sorry to make you throw up, Em. I was feeling sickly; nice of you to notice! :p I am better, though. Wee!